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A young 8 year old boy named Merl wants to take YOU on a journey through the lively city of New Orleans with him. The reader will be able to experience all of the live music and delicious food that this New Orleans destination has to offer first hand. It will be up to the reader to choose the order of the adventure because you will decide your own direction for each excursion. This book teaches you counting while you enjoy this jazzy city! Please use this book as a guide if you go, want to go, or even dream about going to the artsy city of New Orleans.

Journey through New Orleans with Merl

SKU: 0004
  • This book is unique and can be read over 25 different ways. Each time it is read, the reader selects between 2 choices for the next page of adventure.

    There are 28 pages full of vivid illustrations and real family photos from the trip. Readers gain insight on what it is like to travel to this location as well as use the itnerary as a resource when traveling.


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